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TSE: a leading independent solar energy producer

Founded in 2012, TSE is one of the primary independent solar energy companies in France. As a developer of solar energy power plants and agrivoltaic solar solutions, TSE is an expert in photovoltaics and a leader in agriphotovoltaics.

Our goal is to meet the challenge of the energy and ecological transition through our two sectors of activity:

Our photovoltaic solutions : TSE has designed and built 460MW of ground- and roof-mounted solar plants in France, corresponding to the annual energy consumption of 110,000 people. Our agrivoltaic solutions : TSE develops innovative and high-performance agrivoltaic solar solutions for farmers.
Ombrière agrivoltaique

Our expertise

We carry out the entire value chain of a solar plant, from the design, financing, construction, and supervision to the operational management, in order to convert solar energy into electricity.
Project identification
and security
Our teams identify, prospect and secure suitable locations for a solar plant or dynamic agrivoltaic project
Technical and
environmental assessments
We carry out and finance all of the feasibility studies needed for a project. We work with all the stakeholders involved to define the best possible location for the project. Our teams handle administrative procedures with the relevant authorities (filing building permits, etc.).
We set up financing for the project with our financial partners and submit the project to an invitation to tender of the French Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) if eligible.
and management
Construction of the solar plants is carried out with our partner, SPIE. Every construction site meets the requirements of our customers and the specificities of the location.
Once commissioned, we operate the plant and carry out preventative and corrective maintenance by way of our maintenance teams located throughout the country.
and recycling
At the end of a solar plant’s life cycle, we decommission the plant and restore the land to its previous state. We subscribe to PV Cycle, an organisation that organises the collection and recycling of end-of-life solar panels, when we purchase the panels. Solar panels are nearly 95% recyclable.

Our presence in France

TSE operates a total of 18 solar plants throughout France:

Key figures

600 M€
27 M€
in annual turnover
2 GW
in the development phase in France – Objective: 5GW by 2025
460 MW
designed and constructed or under construction in France, including 210 MW directly owned by TSE
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Who we are

Mathieu Debonnet

Mathieu Debonnet

Founder and President of TSE
Mathieu is a business development professional. Passionate about entrepreneurship and determined to build a more sustainable future, Mathieu founded Altus Energy, a major company in the solar industry in France, in charge of the operations, maintenance and administrative management of existing solar plants in 2008. A few years later, in 2012, he founded TSE, formerly known as Thirdstep Energy, with other actors in solar energy.
Pierre-Yves Lambert

Pierre-Yves Lambert

Pierre-Yves is a graduate of EM Lyon Business School and founded the solar energy company Emeraude Energy in 2006. In 2011, Emeraude Energy invested in Qualisteo, a SaaS solution for optimising energy consumption; Pierre-Yves took over as CEO in 2017. Convinced that solar is an energy of the future, Emeraude Energy invested in two other companies in the sector in 2018: COR-e, specialised in electricity prices, and TSE, where Pierre-Yves became Managing Director.

Why choose us

Long-term presence (Developer and Operator)
Committed to protecting biodiversity
270 employees located throughout France
Expert in photovoltaics
Independent French company with 12 years of experience in solar energy

Our technical and financial partners