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As an expert in solar energy and a leader in Agri PV, TSE has developed an agrivoltaic canopy shading system that protects farmland from climate hazards using rotating solar panels. The system also guarantees a long-term income for owners and farm operators.

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An agricultural tool designed specifically for field crops

Our agricultural canopy, with its minimal footprint and a 27m-wide structure, was designed specifically for field crops, without requiring any change in farming practices. The canopy is also fully compatible with market gardening or livestock farming.

Our agrivoltaic shading canopy is fully reversible, and farmers can change the type of crops and/or livestock they farm at any time.

Tools and agricultural canopy

Agronomic benefits
of rotating shade

summer temperatures
Our agricultural shading system protects plants from extreme heat and excess sunlight in the summer. The reduced heat stress on plants boosts fertilisation and grain filling.
evapotranspiration/Water savings
Our agrivoltaic system maintains a higher level of humidity on the crops underneath, reducing water stress on dry-farmed crops and saving considerable costs in irrigation on irrigated plots.
temperature ranges
Our agricultural canopy reduces the risk of destructive early spring frosts during the growing phase for winter crops (straw cereals, oilseeds, legumes, etc.) by keeping nighttime temperatures a few degrees higher when the panels are left in a horizontal position.
forage yields
For partial shade-tolerant crops, protection against various abiotic stresses during key phenological stages can improve grain or forage productivity.
animal welfare
The shade from the agricultural canopy provides better outdoor living conditions for livestock (cattle, sheep, etc.) by reducing their heat stress and improving the availability of grazing pastures. The canopy also improves zootechnical performance (the quality and quantity of milk, for instance).

Landscape integration at the heart of each project

The shading system is designed to be integrated with the local landscape and to foster biodiversity restoration.

Intégration paysagère d’une ombrière agrivoltaique

Why choose us

Independent French company with 12 years of experience in solar energy
Expert in photovoltaics
270 employees located throughout France
Committed to protecting biodiversity
Long-term presence (Developer and Operator)
Expert agronomists to optimise your agrivoltaic solution
An agronomical protocol developed by PURPAN Engineering School
icone frais
Development and installation costs fully covered by TSE

Our scientific and agricultural partners

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