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Our crop shading system

Farming is facing a major challenge: global warming. We have developed a solution to improve agro-climatic conditions on crops while producing green energy. Our shading system generates partial and rotating shade which limits heat and water stress on crops, preserving their agronomic potential. Our system also guarantees a long-term income for owners and farm operators.

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L'ombriere de culture
Ombriere de culture

Our system’s key advantages

Retains the agricultural use with minimal footprint
Smart technology-based solar panels meet the agro-climatic needs of crops and the needs of farmers
Partial and rotating shade protects crops from heat and water stress
Compatible with agricultural machinery, with up to 15 metres of space underneath
Additional income for owners and farm operators over the long term
Produces renewable energy

Smart technology which adapts to the needs of crops

  • A solution adapted to most crops
  • Solar panels automatically controlled according to the type of crop, its growth stage and its agro-climatic needs (light, temperature) using sensors installed on the plot
  • Automatic maximum inclination of panels in heavy rain to provide an even flow of water and limit soil erosion
  • Designed with minimal footprint

Agronomic benefits
of rotating shade

Protects crops
from heat stress
in the summer
Reduces temperature
ranges and the risk of
spring frosts
evapotranspiration and water
stress / Saves water

Why choose us

Independent French company with 12 years of experience in solar energy
Expert in photovoltaics
270 employees located throughout France
Committed to protecting biodiversity
Long-term presence (Developer and Operator)
Expert agronomists to optimise your agrivoltaic solution
An agronomical protocol developed by PURPAN Engineering School
icone frais
Development and installation costs fully covered by TSE

Our scientific and agricultural partners

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