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Solar solutions for set-aside land

We have developed a reversible system for land that has been set aside or lain fallow for more than 6 years. Our rotating shading system protects fallow land, which is more strongly affected by climate hazards. The system also helps to maintain biodiversity on the plot, in addition to guaranteeing a long-term income for owners and farm operators.

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Tracker agricole et tracker elevage

A system adapted to biodiversity on set-aside land

Our system helps keep natural environments open as true biodiversity reserves. The system provides rotating shade that meets the ecological needs of natural species and limits their water stress. The system’s structure has a very minimal footprint and is spaced out over the plot, leaving room for the development of flora and fauna that live on these unused plots.

Agri PV et biodiversité des jachères

Our rotating shading system
benefits set-aside land

Contributes to lowering
temperatures on the plot
in the summer
and water stress
Meets the ecological needs
of plant species and limits
the modification of their composition
Helps to create
plant and organic
to maintaining

Environmentally-friendly landscaping developments

Biodiversity is one of TSE’s key values. We work with farmers on implementing environmentally-friendly landscaping on their plots, such as planting hedgerows or plant species known to enrich the soil. These developments allow operators to strengthen their environmental commitment.

A compatible and reversible agricultural tool

Our system allows for agricultural machinery to operate on the plot, in particular machinery necessary for ploughing fallow land. The land can be put back into use at any time for livestock farming or cultivation (field crops, forage meadows, market gardening, etc.).

Agri PV et ombrière agrivoltaique

A modular solar tracker solution to protect biodiversity

Combined tracker system with bifacial solar panels designed to create more space for ecological management and restore biodiversity
Limited impact on the land:
• Minimal footprint
• Driven pile foundations
• Biodiversity taken into account from the first stage of construction

Why choose us

Independent French company with 12 years of experience in solar energy
Expert in photovoltaics
270 employees located throughout France
Committed to protecting biodiversity
Long-term presence (Developer and Operator)
Expert agronomists to optimise your agrivoltaic solution
An agronomical protocol developed by PURPAN Engineering School
icone frais
Development and installation costs fully covered by TSE

Our scientific and agricultural partners

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