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Biodivenergy solar plants

We design territorial development plans for natural sites that help restore biodiversity and meet local needs. The solar power plant becomes a true biodiversity sanctuary for a period of nearly 40 years. This concept of a solar plant is entirely modular and adaptable to any type of land.

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Centrale solaire eco citoyenne


As experts in solar energy committed to protecting biodiversity, we design solar plants which help restore biodiversity on the site itself as well as neighbouring sites using various ecological strategies.

Qualitative and quantitative monitoring of biodiversity is carried out throughout the life cycle of the plant using various indicators, such as the Global Biodiversity Score and the Ecological Quality Index (IQE).

Redéploiement de la biodiversité
Sustainable vegetation
Reptile shelters
Bocage hedgerows
Local vegetation
Permeable fencing
for wildlife
Centrale biodivenergie

A modular solar tracker solution to protect biodiversity

Combined tracker system with bifacial solar panels designed to create more space for ecological management and restore biodiversity
Partial and rotating shading system to help restore native vegetation
Homogeneous water drainage and runoff, limiting soil erosion
Limited impact on the land:
• Minimal footprint
• Driven pile foundations
• Biodiversity taken into account from the first stage of construction
Our eco-conception of manufacturing uses low-carbon steel, European panel suppliers, eco-design software, etc.

Territorial development plans

Biodivenergy plants were designed to be completely integrated into the community and to meet local needs and challenges, bringing together local stakeholders to facilitate community acceptance.

Educational tours, environmental testing zones, landscape restoration… Each site is studied in depth by expert landscape architects, contributing to each solar park’s unique identity.

We also open up the capital of each project to local participatory financing to allow a maximum number of local residents and stakeholders to benefit from the project’s economic spinoffs.

Centrale biodivenergie - projet de territoire

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