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TSE signs a charter for agrivoltaics

signature charte agrivoltaisme

TSE is proud to adhere to the charter of La Plateforme Verte, alongside 30 other actors in agrivoltaics, to spread the best practices in this activity.


  • The signatory parties of the charter adhere to the definition of agrivoltaics set out by the French Agency for Ecological Transition (ADEME) collectively with the French farming unions FNSEA and JA and the French Chambre of Agriculture (doctrine from April 2022) which also includes greenhouses and recognises potential mutual interests for agriculture;
  • Agrivoltaics is considered by the signing parties primarily as a tool to serve agriculture and the community, contributing to the energy transition without conflicts of use;
  • In this perspective, each project will be designed as an agricultural and territorial project, involving the farmer, advised by an agricultural organisation (chamber, design office, technical consulting services, technical or research institutes, etc.) and integrated coherently into the local agricultural economy. A pre-feasibility study will evaluate the soil and climate of the site, specific equipment for crops or livestock as well as commercial opportunities;
  • In this perspective, the agricultural vocation of the sites is preserved with commitments as to the replacement of farmers in case of cessation of their activity, agricultural monitoring on a regular basis over the first few years (then reports every five years) by an independent organisation for projects other than on-farm consumption, and restoring the land to its initial state after dismantling the installation. Local authorities can then promote agrivoltaics with confidence in their intermunicipal strategic and urban planning documents (SCoT, PLUi);
  • In this perspective, the signatory parties support a fair distribution of the revenue of the plant, a proportion reserved mainly for the owner and the operator, with a part for a territorial agricultural collective (cooperative, organisation for agricultural financing (GUFA), special endowment fund, etc.) in accordance with the recommendations of the flash mission of the National Assembly. This voluntary contribution is not intended to be cumulated with any collective agricultural compensation if the project is subject to it;
  • Finally, to facilitate the development of agrivoltaics meeting the previous criteria, the signatory parties request that the French State provide a simple doctrinal base and clear guidelines for planning departments (whose staff and skills will need to expand to support the growing number of projects). The signatories will accompany farmers to the commission to which they will each be systematically invited in order to evaluate their project (CDPENAF) and will transmit a report of the proceedings to the farmers afterwards.
Signataires charte agrivoltaisme- La plateforme verte