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Our agrivoltaic solutions

In recent years, agriculture has faced increasingly extreme weather. Here at TSE, we believe that it is possible to reconcile sustainable agriculture, green energy, biodiversity restoration and water resource conservation. The dynamic agrivoltaic solutions we have developed combine solar energy production and agricultural production, with a synergy between the two systems.

Agricultural canopy

Our agrivoltaic canopy shading system was developed to protect farmland from extreme weather.

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TSE and Agricultural canopy

Crop shading system

This new solution improve the agro-climatic conditions on crops while producing green energy

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Crop shading system

Our livestock shading system

Our livestock shading system developed for livestock farming provides rotating shade to mitigate the effects of climate change on grassland and livestock.

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Le tracker d’élevage

Solar solutions for set-aside land

We have developed a reversible system for land that has been set aside or lain fallow for more than 6 years. Our rotating shading system protects fallow land, which is more strongly affected by climate hazards.

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Solar solutions for set-aside land

Improving the carbon
footprint of farms

Our agrivoltaic solutions improve the carbon footprint of farms by benefitting the grassland, and through biomass production, ground temperature, hedgerow planting, etc.
We assist farmers who wish to obtain a low-carbon certification for their farm.

The world’s largest agrivoltaic demonstration programme

With multiple pilot sites and 66 hectares located throughout France, we are setting up the largest agrivoltaic demonstration programme in the world. The sites are being monitored over a period of 3 to 9 years under a scientific test protocol co-constructed and led by our teams of expert agronomists in plant and animal biology and our scientific and agricultural partners.

Why choose us

Independent French company with 12 years of experience in solar energy
Expert in photovoltaics
270 employees located throughout France
Committed to protecting biodiversity
Long-term presence (Developer and Operator)
Expert agronomists to optimise your agrivoltaic solution
An agronomical protocol developed by PURPAN Engineering School
icone frais
Development and installation costs fully covered by TSE