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As an independent French producer of renewable energy, we design ground-mounted photovoltaic solar plants on degraded land: former quarries, contaminated sites, industrial sites, abandoned airfields or rail yards, sites requiring environmental impact assessment (ICPE), former waste sites, SEVESO sites…

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Centrale solaire biodivenergie

TSE: your expert in photovoltaic and agrivoltaic development

As experts in solar energy, we are continuing to develop in France by focusing on high-power solar plants. We are looking for eligible sites of a minimum of 6 hectares.
A solar plant can increase the property value of degraded sites or land with low economic potential by adopting a sustainable approach to development and producing green energy.

Our services

We provide a means for landowners with large plots to generate attractive income over the long term. We manage all the stages of a project’s development and ensure the maintenance of the solar plant for its entire life cycle. Whether you are a homeowner, a business professional or a local authority, TSE is your exclusive partner in developing your solar project from beginning to end.

The stages of a project

Preliminary assessment
We carry out a feasibility study and contact the different stakeholders involved in the project.
Contracting phase
We provide private, public or community owners with very long-term rental contracts covering the entire period of operation of a future solar park.
Pre-operational phase
The rent is calculated according to the various features of the land (sunlight, surface area, proximity to the electric grid, etc.)

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