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TSE sponsors 6 young athletes from the Cannes Yacht Club

TSE, official partner of the “YCC Ambition Olympique” team

During the 2022 French Olympics week, Jean-François Cutugno, President of the Cannes Yacht Club (YCC), announced the creation of a high-performance team called “YCC AMBITION OLYMPIQUE”, with TSE as their official sponsor.

The team brings together 6 high-level YCC athletes in 470 sailing who aim to compete in the Olympics. The Cannes Yacht Club and TSE are committed to supporting them in this pursuit, placing this partnership in the service of each of the crews’ performance. The goal is to allow the athletes to focus 100% on their objective, with the ultimate aim of competing in the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, with the sailing events taking place in Marseille.

The team is managed by Stéphane Christidis, former two-time champion of Europe in 470 sailing and twice selected for the Olympics in 49er sailing, and sponsored by Thierry Peponnet, two-time Olympic medallist in 470 sailing.

3 crews were selected to be part of the Team:

  • Aloïse Retornaz and Hyppolite Machetti
  • Lucie de Gennes and Matisse Pacaud
  • Amélie Flandorffer and Pierre Williot

Supporting the athletes

Jean-François Cutugno, Stéphane Christidis and Thierry Peponnet, the three pillars of the project, consider the YCC Ambition Olympique team as an addition to the support given by the French national team and the French Sailing Federation (FFV).

According to Stéphane Christidis, “The idea is to help out the athletes a little more. They’ve already received amazing support from the French team, but not 100% for all of them. There are some very talented young people but they lack a little high-level experience and we want to support them”.

The goal is to give the crews access to identical facilities to those they have with the French team (medical follow-up, osteopaths, dieticians, etc.) when they are not training in Marseille.

Shared values

TSE shares many common values with the YCC athletes, including pushing one’s limits, team spirit and determination. TSE is proud to support the crews throughout their journey towards new accomplishments.

See you at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris!